Full Valet

Our Full Valet brings an interior clean and the choice of add ons to the services provided.

The Service consists of the below steps:-

Following the wash, the vehicle will be dried with a plush drying towel, and a flow of air to remove all water from the car as well as water from in between the panels, wing mirrors and other crevices that hold onto water.


Small Cars From £45
Medium Cars From £55
Large Cars From £65
Vans Are POA


Decontamination (+£35)
This involves removal of additional contaminants on the paintwork such as brake dust, tar, tree sap and overspray with a multiple step process to ensure full care is taken when working with the paint.

Leather Seat Clean and Treatment (+£25)
This will bring life back to your leather interior and give a soft, rejuvenated feel without having to spend thousands for steam cleaning.

Leather Seat Clean and Coated (+£30)
The Leather Seat Clean and Coating is ideal for families and people who work on the road as we add a hydrophobic coating to your leather which will reduce the chance of staining if drinks such as coffee, cola or squash are spilled on the seats.

Wax Upgrade (+£20)
The Wax upgrade swaps out the hydrophobic coating for a hard wax which is applied to give a deeper shine, longer lasting protection and better hydrophobic properties. The hard wax will last 6+ months, more with regular maintenance.

Rain Repellent on Windscreen and Side Windows (+£15)
Rain repellent is a fantastic product that allows water to glide off the windows and will also create fantastic beading to allow for longevity of the glass and your wipers. The coating will last up to 6 months and will start working at speed above 30mph.