Single Stage Detail

The Single Stage Detail is currently the most in depth service we offer at Veis, this will remove ~75% paint defects and includes the below.

The service is started like all others with a pre-wash cleanser to removes dirt a little easier, we then follow up by washing the wheels to ensure no brake dust is dragged across the paintwork to ensure contaminants are removed safely.

A snowfoam is then applied through a foam cannon and pressure washer to remove loose dirt and dust that would otherwise be dragged across the paint causing scratches and marring.

Following the snowfoam, a 3-bucket wash method is adopted to ensure the paintwork is clean and any dirt is safely removed to allow for full decontamination work to be carried out before polishing is undertaken.

The decontamination process has two stages, chemical and physical. Chemical decontamination is carried out by using Fallout, Tar and Glue, and Wax removers to remove as many of the scratch causing impurities as possible before touching the paint. Physical decontamination is then carried out by a two-stage clay bar to remove anything that is left over before assessing the depth of the paintwork with a digital paint depth gauge.

Next up is the 2 stage machine polish to remove swirls and marring through the use of multiple dual action polishers, polishing pads and polishing compounds. Whilst working on the paintwork, the paintwork is repeatedly assessed using lights, torches and digital paint depth gauges.

As standard on all Details, we offer a hard wax as standard on both the paintwork and on the wheels, to provide a shine and protection that will last for more than 6 months and allow easier cleaning in the future.

Plastics will be dressed if applicable.

The Glass will be cleaned and buffed both inside and out to ensure full visibility and removal of fingerprints, dirt and any spills that can easily build up on the glass.

The interior will be vacuumed out, surfaces dusted and cleaned with appropriate cleaners to ensure a finish that makes it look as if the car is brand new.

To finish off, the steering wheel is cleaned and treated with specialist leather, or plastic cleaners and treatments to restore that new look and feel, and the tyres will be dressed in a high gloss coating to give a showroom finish.


Small Cars From £150
Meium Cars From £175
Large Cars From £195
Vans Are POA


Leather Seat Clean and Treatment (+£25)
This will bring life back to your leather interior and give a soft, rejuvenated feel without having to spend thousands for steam cleaning.

Leather Seat Clean and Coated (+£30)
The Leather Seat Clean and Coating is ideal for families and people who work on the road as we add a hydrophobic coating to your leather which will reduce the chance of staining if drinks such as coffee, cola or squash are spilled on the seats.

Additional Layer of Wax (+£20)
The hard wax will last 6+ months, more with regular maintenance, however adding an additional layer will give a deeper, longer lasting shine to the paintwork.

Rain Repellent on Windscreen and Side Windows (+£15)
Rain repellent is a fantastic product that allows water to glide off the windows and will also create fantastic beading to allow for longevity of the glass and your wipers. The coating will last up to 6 months and will start working at speed above 30mph.

Engine Bay Cleaning (+£20)
The Engine Bay Cleaning service is available for all cars; however, results may vary. We will dust, degrease and clean the engine bay, then coat plastics and also apply waxes to the metal surfaces in the engine bay that will reduce the dirt build up for up to 20,000 miles.